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  • Photo Gallery                         Tropical Plants & Trees as Vida del Mar

    MEDICAL & Other Services
  • Manzanillo Referrals                Medical and other services available in Manzanillo

  • Hospitales en Colima               Contains a very useful guide of hospitals and clinics not only in Manzanillo,
                                                   but in the whole Colima State area (Spanish only).

  • Manzanilo Calendar                  Manzanillo Calendar

  • Manzanilo Sun                         Manzanillo Sun Magazine

    REAL ESTATE -- Sales & Rentals
  • Manzanillo Homes                     Condo rentals by owner available from agent Manuela Cendon or phone from U.S. 01152 314 333 0420

  • Manzanilo Vacation Rentals      Jim and Beverly Woods have rentals in Manzanillo, including at Vida del Mar. Check web
                                                  or email

  • Manzanilo Real Estate              ED PRESTON Realty handles real estate sales and rentals throughout Manzanillo, including at Vida del Mar.
                                                   Send an email to:

  • Vida del Mar Condos                 JERRY MEYER, specializing EXCLUSIVELY in the finest in Vida Del Mar condos & Juluapan Peninsula area.                                               Check available condos at website or email OR

  • Go Manzanillo!                        Excelent webpage of information about Manzanillo and what to do while enjoying your stay here.

  • Ocean Pacific Adventures         Want to go fishing in Manzanillo?

  • Dive Manzanillo                      What about scuba diving or snorkeling?

  • Visita Colima                         Official website of Colima's Tourism Office (Spanish only).

  • Tour by Mexico: Colima           Information about Colima's state and some of its cities.

  • Diario de Colima                    Colima's city newspaper (Spanish only).

  • Universidad de Colima            University of Colima (Spanish only).

  • Volcan de Colima                   A link offering information about the Colima Volcano, provided by University of Colima (Spanish only).
                                                 in For the available information English, click here.

  • Servicio Meteorologico Nacional     National Meteorological Service (Mexican), provided by the National
                                                       Water Comision (Mexican), with information on weather and hurricanes
                                                      (Spanish only).

  •                          Get Manzanillo's forecast from The Weather Channel web site.

  • Servicio Sismologico Nacional      A site provided by the UNAM Institute of Geophysics, with updated
                                                     information about earthquakes in Mexico (Spanish only).

  • La Boquita Bar/Restaurant        Located nearby on the Santiago Peninsula (Palma Real Hotel)

  • Los Suenos Del Mar                Los Suenos del Mar is a lovely bed and breakfast overlooking the Pacific
                                                 on the hill next to Vida del Mar.

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